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Ortofon goes back more than 97 years

Founded in Copenhagen, Ortofon initially made soundtracks for movies. In 1948 Ortofon developed its first moving coil cartridge. Since then more than 300 different cartridges have been developed and manufactured, with their latest being MC Windfeld Ti cartridge.

Acoustics, materials, technology and micro mechanics are key competences in Ortofon's technological prowess. Research and development is done with the company's own engineers supported by a strong network of acoustic know-how and industrial design in Denmark.

Ever wondered if you really can hear the difference between MM vs MC cartridges?
Drop by the store to experience our Ortofon CartridgeLab, where we have the ability to highlight key differences between the Ortofon 2M Moving Magnet and Quintet MC Moving Coil range of cartridges.