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Home Theatre AV Receivers

Achieve a better sound for your music and movies you will need to consider using an AV receiver.

The benefits of using a AV Receiver is that is Connects and switches your audio sources: Every audio source in your home theater should connect to your A/V receiver. The preamplifier section of the receiver allows you to easily switch to (or select) the audio source that you want to listen to.

Connects and switches your video sources: Your video source devices are also connected directly to the A/V receiver, which is connected in turn to your display device.This setup greatly simplifies the selection of video sources when you want to play a DVD, a show recorded on a PVR or anything else. In most cases, you select what you want to watch on the receiver’s remote and don’t have to adjust anything on the display.

We can help you choose the best receiver for your set up.

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