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Amplifiers & CD Players

The amplifier is the heart of the system and along with your speakers it is the most vital piece when trying to achieve your sonic goals. They come in many shapes and sizes with various price points and power ratings. Below is a brief run down on what is available, there is something for everyone and we are more then happy to help you discover it. 

Stereo amplifiers are generally designed to run two speakers and have a focus on quality music reproduction. Music lovers can attach their CD players, turntables, streamers and in recent years with the addition of digital inputs on many of these units it is easy to connect a TV. The goal is to fill your room with detailed real life sound, enhancing your everyday listening experience. 

Home theatre receivers are designed to run surround sound, the amount of speakers used will vary depending on room layout and size. The true goal with home theatre is to reproduce sound like in a real cinema, deep immersive sound for your movies, sporting events and favourite TV shows. At Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale we are here to help you achieve your AV dreams.

Phono stages or amplifiers are made to let you connect a turntable to any amplifier without an in-built phono stage. Separate stages also let you achieve a much higher sound quality as it is possible to have larger and more serious componentry as room constraints do not apply as much.

Headphone amplifiers are a popular addition in recent years, they offer a simple premise, much better sound compared to the output of your phone, laptop or personal device. These amplifiers allow the connection of much better headphones and the power offered will give a stronger more detailed sound.

  • Elektra HD2 5 x 190w Power Amplifier Australia

    Elektra HD2 5 x 190w Power Amplifier


    Krix branded Electra 5 channel x 190 Power Amplifier for dedicated home cinema application 5 x 190w @ 8ohm THD <0.001% 20-20Khz