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DEVIALET Expert Pro 220 - Is it for you?

DEVIALET Expert Pro 220 - Is it for you?



The DEVIALET expert is really something out of this world. It’s slim, it has power and it has no limitations on connectivity. When I say “no limitations”, I mean it. This is as customisable as your subway sandwich.


When you think of a typical high end Hi-Fi set up, you think;

- A high quality streamer ?

- Turntable specific phono stage ?

- High connectivity pre amplifier ?

- High current power Amplifier ?

- DSP signal processing ?


NOW…… imagine all of those units in a single box smaller than your standard CD player. Seems impossible doesn’t it.

Well somehow DEVIALET have pulled it off.

Devialet Expert



“But what about Upgradability”  I hear you ask? - DEVIALET have thought of this and have doubled down on upgradability, to make their amplifiers upgradable to Dual Mono or Multi-Amplification. Available from their 6 different models. Combine up to 8 Expert Pro’s to make a system of biblical proportions.


DEVIALET have a reoccurring theme of acronym’s throughout their technology so let's go through them. 


RAM: Record Active Matching

Configure your turntable and cartridge settings to exactly the right setting. With over 256 different combinations available to the user, the Expert Pro has custom input impedance and a range of capacitors to accurately calibrate MM or MC cartridges. Is also is capable of HD vinyl digitising with a sampling rate of 192kHz/24 bits.

Now for any non tech heads:

This means when you set up the unit, you enter your turntable and cartridge models into the online configurator and DEVIALET will automatically match the settings to get the best possible sound impedance for your system. It also allows you to digitally record your albums from your turntable in high resolution to store them for future playback in the quality that you always expect from vinyl.


ADH: Analog Digital Hybrid

Analog vs Digital, a battle that has troubled Hi-Fi aficionado’s longer than time itself. Opinions aside they are both aiming to improve audio. So DEVIALET has created a way to utilise the best of both worlds. DEVIALET have utilised the raw power and life of Class A with the low energy and precision of Class D.  


SAM: Speaker Active Matching

Choose from the list of 900+ SAM calibrated speakers when configuring your system and SAM will align the amplified signal delay between the bass and tweeter response. Almost all multi-way loudspeakers will have a delay between the bass driver and tweeter. Speakers calibrated using SAM carefully measure this and time align the drivers to create a surreal spatial feeling. This processing is performed in real time before Digital-Analog conversion. By DEVIALET collecting this speaker data is has allowed the amplifier to drive the speakers as efficiently as possible offering permanent protection from overload and allowing speakers to reach higher volumes than ever before.



This amp is the cute girl that moved next door, has a nice personality and likes Star Wars; this amp has it all. Nitty gritty aside, this thing rocks! It has amazing spatial presence that images the sound perfectly and lets the speakers sound like they blend into the wall. The sound is precise.


"I’m sorry to say but it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows", Unfortunately did have a few issues

Network issues

We did have problems connecting the Expert to our network. Firstly trying to use WiFi and then Ethernet with no luck. It was only with multiple trial and errors over a few days we successfully got the unit working with Roon and able to stream directly. Since then we have had no issues and the unit has been reliable and always available when we needed it.


Configuration SD

To configure and update the Expert series you will need to download your custom configuration file from, copy the file to the supplied SD card and insert the SD into the back of the Expert. This is the same for installing firmware updates.

This is an easy task but can be painful to some clients. Luckily for clients this will only need to be completed once, aside from checking for updates. Unfortunately in a Hi-Fi store it is not the most practical application as we change speakers daily inside our store. 



Usually testing amp I instantly pick what speakers would work with an amplifier, with the DEVIALET I feel I can play any set of speakers and be happy with the result. Obviously this will come down to an individuals preference. Someone who loves the warmth and colour of valve amps will not be looking at DEVIALET. 


"Is this amp for me?"

I can't think of my people who wouldn't benefit from this amplifier. This Amp is excellent, I can honestly say this competes with systems 2x it's price. I find the main selling point being the customisation of the unit which helps it to be perfect for almost any speaker is has calibrated through SAM. 


NOW, the main reason this may not be perfect is...... speakers and amps have their own character, each creating their own special combination. We all hear systems differently and that is why DEVIALET take away from a uniqueness of a well paired system. Unfortunately a large part of a system is what character it has, warm, bright, analytical. The DEVIALET Expert is neither it is as precise as can be.

'The Wrap Up', DEVIALET have hit the nail on the head with this amp. If it was any smarter it would write a book. Whether this is the right amp for you is up to you and the only way to know is........


Come in and ask for a Demo :)

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