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Sydney's Micro Hi Fi Expert

Yamaha - TSXB237 - Bluetooth Speaker

by Yamaha
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Out of Stock till July

The new Yamaha TSX -B237 desktop audio player is a perfect choice if you require something that is minimalist. The all in one design offers CD player, Radio, USB connection. The excellent feature of wireless charging is a handy feature, you will always know where your phone is. Comes with a 2-year warranty.

Ease into your day with a new approach to waking up.
Yamaha's new IntelliAlarm wakes you gently with the audio source of your choosing, first filtering out uncomfortable high frequencies, then gradually restoring the full audio spectrum before beeping to ensure you are awake.
This function makes the waking experience as comfortable as possible.

You’ll adore the soft, natural look of the TSX-B235D. The top surface is a flat natural wood panel, perfect for glasses, phones or other personal accessories. The unit is equipped with two USB ports - one for music playback and one for dedicated charging. In fact, both ports can be used for charging devices even when the unit is in standby (powered off). Its design is both beautiful and functional.

This unit is an amazing all in one system. Including Wireless Phone Charging. Featuring Bluetooth, Cd Player, Dab+ radio and USB the TSX-B237 is an awesome all in one unit for however you like to play your music. 


One-touch to your favourite music

Simply press a single button, and enjoy the music or radio station you often listen to right away — with optimum sound quality.

Familiar smartphone operation

Enjoy a variety of functions and ‘smart’ control right from your smartphone display—with the easy-to-use dedicated app. See CD artwork and song information, too.

Set it down, charge it up

Charging your smartphone is incredibly easy with the built-in Qi wireless charging function. No need for cables. Just leave your compatible smartphone on the tabletop before you go bed and wake up to a full charge.

Clock/alarm that’s always by your side

Includes a large, easy-to-see clock, an intelligent alarm that gently wakes you up gently, snooze control, sleep timer and other features that make your daily life more enjoyable.


    • Inbuilt Bluetooth
    • FM/DAB+ Tuner
    • CD Player
    • Yamaha DTA App controlled via Bluetooth
    • Headphone Output
    • Auxiliary Input