Sonos PLAY 1 Wireless Speaker


The mini speaker with a mighty sound. The PLAY:1 is the smallest Sonos speaker in the range. It’s a perfect fit for bookshelves, counters, and other snug places. So now you can enjoy great-sounding music wherever you want.

Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that brings great-sounding tunes to as many rooms as you want. Sonos speakers set up easily. Stream via WiFi. Play whatever you’re craving. 

It’s the new, better way to fill each day with the sounds you love. One that will make your place feel even more like home.

  • Mini. Fits in any space, fills any room.
  • Mighty. Surprisingly rich sound despite its size
  • Also works as a Sonos home cinema rear speaker
  • Wall mountable
  • Exclusive Trueplay tuning. For the best sound possible, wherever you place your speaker.
What's in the box
Sonos PLAY:1 speaker AC Power Cable Ethernet Cable QuickStart Guide Legal/warranty information
10x 2x Class-D digital amplifiers 1x tweeter 1x mid-woofer 1x 10/100Mbps Ethernet port 1/4 inch (6.35mm) / 20-threaded mount AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, universal input
Size & Weight
Dimensions (H x W x D) 6.36 x 4.69 x 4.69 (in) / 161.45 X 119.7 x 119.7 (mm) Weight 4.08 lb (1.85 kg) .


Sounds bigger than it looks.
Wonder where all that sound is coming from? The technical answer: from a pair of Class-D amplifiers and custom-built drivers, all meticulously tuned to the speaker’s unique acoustic architecture.

Great sound, guaranteed.
Trueplay tuning analyses the room, then adjusts your PLAY:1 to deliver the best sound possible. For both music and home cinema.

Singing in the shower encouraged.
We built PLAY:1 humidity resistant so you can enjoy your favorite tunes in music-starved places like bathrooms and outdoor patios. All you need is WiFi access and a place to plug it in. Just remember, it’s not waterproof or weather resistant.

WiFi. Not Bluetooth.
Sonos works over WiFi, not Bluetooth. It matters. Especially when the phone rings or the person with the music has to leave. With Sonos, the songs stream from your WiFi network, so there are never any dropouts, delays or interruptions.

Stereo pair with another PLAY:1
Turn each speaker into separate left and right channels for wider, bigger, and deeper stereo sound.

Add a SUB
Wirelessly connect SUB to your PLAY:1 stereo pair for dramatically deeper bass. Since your PLAY:1s don’t have to worry about the bass anymore, they can focus on producing better mid-range and high frequencies.

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