Pro-Ject 6PerspeX SB Turntable


The 6perspeX Turntable comes with Pro-Ject's carbon fibre 9cc Evolution tonearm, delivering a superb sound through its resonance-free Corean sub-chassis and magnetic-power assembly. Super clean and design gives a unique look and feel to this high quality product.

Type: Turntable

Pro-Ject's carbon fibre 9cc Evolution tonearm is included, which offers:

  • A conical armtube for avoiding standing wave reflections
  • An inverted tonearm bearing, which comprises four hardened stainless tips in ABEC7 spec ballraces
  • Rings to provide extremely solid arm-bearing housings and avoid resonance
  • Adjustable sorbothane-damped counterweight to counteract unwanted resonances
  • Single-screw fixing of armtube for rotation for easy adjustment of needle azimuth
  • Internal wiring consisting of high-purity copper from the headshell right through to the gold-plated phono sockets
Speed 33, 45 rpm
Wow and flutter +/- 0.06%
Signal to noise -73dB
Tonearm Pro-ject 9cc Evolution
Effective arm length 230 mm
Effective arm mass 8g
Overhang 18mm
Supplied counterweights cartridge weights 5 - 7.5g, 7 - 10g, 9 - 11g and 10 - 14g
Platter weight/diameter 2Kg/300mm
Included accessories Dust cover
Power supply type 220 - 240V, 50 Hz
Output voltage 15V DC
Dimensions 460 x 420 x 465mm (WxHxD)
Weight 10.5Kg