Krix - Seismix 1 - Subwoofer

Krix Seismix 1 subwoofer the  perfect subwoofer choice for those with space restrictions. The Seismix 1 will enrich you home theatre experience whether you have a small room, or you just don't wish to dedicate the floor space to accommodate a larger speaker. The Seismix 1 uses a 300 watt in-built amplifier, matched to a downward firing 200mm bass driver and vent, with the cabinet raised off the floor via specially moulded rubber feet. Simple and effective styling ensures that the Seismix 1 can be placed almost anywhere in your room, including custom joinery to deliver a small space, big bass experience.


  • Amplifier Power: 200 Watts RMS / 400 Watts Maximum Instantaneous
  • Bass Driver Diameter: 200 mm (8”)
  • Dimensions: 375mm High x 295mm Wide x 335mm Deep Driver
  • Configuration: Downward Firing
Black Woodgrain Vinyl
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