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JBL - TL260 - 60th Anniversary Edition - Floor Standing Speakers (Demo)


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Condition: Used Floor Stock Model

Product: JBL TL260 Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Edition Gloss Black Floor Standing Loud Speaker

RRP: $7,000

Sell Price: $5,200

These limited edition speakers, certainly produce some wow factor. The use of a 5 way cross-over, and 12inch sub driver, Allows the speaker, to really bring alive the bottom end and lower mids. The bass response is extremely tight and beautifully warm, you think for such big sounding speaker some of the definition would be lost? it is most certainly not! These speakers create a delightful listening experience, and are a lot less directional then a lot of other speakers on the market.
 We recommend an inspection before you buy local pick up preferred.
If you are interested please email info@sydneyhifimonavale.com.au
Auditions are welcome.