Your speakers are the single most important part of your audio system. It’s your speakers that connect you to your music; they’re the part that turns simple electricity into the emotional experience that is music. Great speakers can make all the difference – and elevate an audio system that’s merely good into one that can deliver a truly transcendent listening experience. 

The Airmotiv T2 is a full three-way floor standing tower loudspeaker, featuring a 32 mm Airmotiv folded ribbon tweeter, a 5-1/4” woven fiber midrange, dual 8” woven fiber woofers, and a sealed cabinet.
The Airmotiv folded-ribbon tweeter used in Airmotiv T2 has a frequency response that extends far above the limits of human hearing, and produces much lower levels of all types of distortion than other types of dynamic drivers, which contributes to its ability to deliver crisp, clear high frequencies without the slightest hint of strain or harshness. The tweeter’s exceptionally smooth and extended off-axis response also contributes to the Airmotiv T2’s almost holographic imaging and huge listening sweet spot.


Type: Floorstanding Speakers

  • Use a pair of Airmotiv T2’s in an audiophile stereo system, or as the main front speakers in a surround sound system. Or use a full set of seven Airmotiv T2 towers in a superb home theater system.

    Airmotiv speakers sound truly superb with all types of music – from classical orchestras to intimate jazz ensembles, to individual vocalists, heavy metal, and electronica. When paired with any high-quality power amplifier, all of the Airmotiv speakers will deliver clean, uncolored, properly balanced sound with very low distortion and an outstanding rendition of even the finest details. All of the speakers in the Airmotiv series were carefully timbre matched to work well together and to deliver a cohesive audio image in any stereo or surround sound installation.

    Emotiva Airmotiv line represents the culmination of years of research and experience in producing both home and professional loudspeakers offering excellent technical performance and superb sound quality. Airmotiv speakers were designed from the start to be equally at home in an audiophile stereo system or a high-end home theater. Design philosophy is simple: if a speaker can reproduce the entire audible spectrum, as accurately as possible, with very little distortion or coloration, then it will sound good - whether you’re playing classical, rock, or your favorite blockbuster movie.