Great speakers can make all the difference – and elevate an audio system that’s merely good into one that can deliver a truly transcendent listening experience.

Airmotiv passive speakers were designed from the ground up with this critical mission in mind. They combine excellent technical performance, sound quality that’s good enough to do justice to your finest quality recordings, elegant good looks, and excellent value. The Emotiva Airmotiv line represents the culmination of years of research and experience in producing both home and professional loudspeakers offering excellent technical performance and superb sound quality. Designed from the start to be equally at home in an audiophile stereo system or a high-end home theater.


Type: Centre Speakers

  • The center channel loudspeaker is one of the most critical components in a high-performance home theater system. Because most important dialog is directed to the center channel, it is especially important that your center channel speaker be able to accurately reproduce both instruments and voice clearly and intelligibly, but without the slightest hint of distortion or harshness.

    Airmotiv speakers sound truly superb with all types of music – from classical orchestras to intimate jazz ensembles, to individual vocalists, heavy metal, and electronica. When paired with any high-quality power amplifier, all of the Airmotiv speakers will deliver clean, uncolored, properly balanced sound with very low distortion and an outstanding rendition of even the finest details. All of the speakers in the Airmotiv series were carefully timbre matched to work well together and to deliver a cohesive audio image in any stereo or surround sound installation.

    Airmotiv C2 uses the same 32 mm Airmotiv tweeter as the other speakers in our Airmotiv line, which delivers superb high frequency clarity and imaging, and ensures that the Airmotiv C2 is perfectly timbre matched to the other speakers in our Airmotiv series.

    The dedicated 3” midrange drivers we use in the Airmotiv C2 features woven glass-fiber cones, and solid aluminum phase plugs, for exceptionally accurate midrange. Their powerful double magnet assemblies and long-throw design allow them to deliver clear, intelligible dialog – even at high listening levels.

    The midrange drivers are located directly below the tweeter, which, combined with the Airmotiv C2’s advanced crossover, allows the C2 to avoid the irregularities in horizontal dispersion common to less advanced designs, and project balanced energy across a wide listening area.

    The dual 6-1/2” woofers feature cones made from a super-strong woven synthetic fiber with excellent internal damping, and oversized double magnet structures, for clean, powerful bass that blends perfectly with the midrange.