Audiolab P-DAC Headphone Amplifier-DAC

Audiolab's P-DAC inherits the brand's great history in Hi-Fi DAC engineering.

Weighing in at a mere 17 grams the Audiolab engineering team managed to create a highly capable DAC into an ultra-light and compact format.

With no need to externally power the unit, users of the Audiolab P-DAC will be able to experience an immediate improvement in their listening experience with their Android (Android 5.0 or higher) device simply by plugging P-DAC into the USB-C connection.

The Audiolab P-DAC is quite simply incredibly easy to use and enjoy. Simply unpack the P-DAC, plug into your Android device and start enjoying high-quality sound through its inbuilt high-resolution DAC and headphone amplifier.

For convenience, a handy leatherette carry pouch is also included in the box.