Buy or Complete a Phantom Pair and get a FREE Dialog

There's never been a better time to enjoy the power and precision of Phantoms in stereo!  For all orders in June, Devialet are offering a FREE Dialog when you buy or complete a Phantom pair

Devialet Dialog Wi-Fi Hub

Dialog lets you synch up all your Phantom systems from one Phantom solo to many Phantom in Multi-room. All this, with absolute network stability.

Transmit audio data via PLC, even in rooms your Wi-Fi signal can’t reach. For absolute stability.

Up your game. Dialog brings AirPlay® to any non-compatible Phantom. For even more freedom.

Devialet Phantom Gold Wireless Music System

If you want the utmost in performance and design the Devialet Phantom Gold is the best choice. Here no corners have been cut, nothing is left out, this is the ultimate single box system. 

Rich deep controlled bass to extended treble, you hear everything that your music collection has to offer. A sound so right you will wonder how you lived without the Devialet Phantom Gold.

Devialet Phantom Silver Wireless Music System

Do you love the Phantom but want more, well enter Silver Phantom, the big powerful brother. Devialet have raised their game here and you get far more than a connected speaker, you get a true emotional experience with any of your favourite tracks. An instant, controlled, high powered sound like you've not heard before. A true revelation.

Devialet Phantom Wireless Music System

The entry into the world of amazing wireless sound, all from one single Devialet unit. The Phantom simply must be heard to be believed. A true industry leader in fusing sound and technology, Devialet offers something that has not been seen before at this level and looks incredible and compact while doing so


"The best wireless speaker in the world"

One or two Phantom ?

One Phantom playing in solo is already an amazing experience, almost unbelievable for such a compact system. 
With a second Phantom, discover a new universe: more powerful, more spatial, more extreme, absolutely mesmerising and with true stereo imaging to keep you deeply engaged in your music.

Take Phantom for a ride. 

No strings attached. For 45 days.

Hear for yourself just how unique Phantom is. Experience the best sound in the world live in your home. No strings attached. Whether you purchase Phantom, Silver Phantom, Gold Phantom or Dialog