Bose Lifestyle 650 Specs - FAQ

Why has Bose redesigned the speakers found in the Lifestyle® 650 system?
The OmniJewel™ speakers are our most spacious satellites ever. With 360-degree output, the satellites blend seamlessly with each other and the center channel to provide an incredibly immersive experience. And continuing the tradition at Bose of big sound from small speakers, the OmniJewel is our smallest satellite speaker cube ever.

What are the main benefits of the Lifestyle® 650 system?
The Lifestyle® 650 system is our highest-performing premium home theater system. It features an elegant, new media console, new OmniJewel satellites, a new wireless Acoustimass® module and wireless surround speakers. It also offers a universal remote and has SoundTouch® and Bluetooth® music streaming built in.

Key attributes include:

Premium performance—spacious 360-degree output from the four satellites and our highest-performing Acoustimass module ever.

Premium materials—one-piece aluminum satellites, and real glass on the console, Acoustimass module and table and floor stands.

SoundTouch® and Bluetooth built in for a main-room wireless music system as well as a home theater system.

Advanced Bose audio processing, including the ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system, assures optimal sound quality across a variety of content and room layouts.

The Unify® intelligent integration system to simplify the connection of sources.

Included in box:
Remote control
Four satellites and one center channel speaker
Acoustimass wireless bass module
Wireless surround speaker receivers
Power supply
Necessary cables

What is the difference between the Lifestyle® 650 and Lifestyle® 600 systems?
The only difference between the two systems are the four satellite speaker cubes and the center channel speaker. The Acoustimass bass module, the console and the remote control are exactly the same. The OmniJewel satellite cubes that come with the Lifestyle® 650 system are the smallest, most spacious cubes we've ever made. They are made from a single piece of extruded aluminium and project sound 360 degrees. The Lifestyle® 600 system comes with four Jewel Cube® satellite speakers and one Jewel Cube® center channel speaker.

Do the Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems have any of the Bose technologies found in previous Lifestyle® systems?
Yes. Both systems feature the ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system and the Unify® intelligent integration system.

What’s included with the Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems?
The Lifestyle® 650 system consists of four OmniJewel™ speakers, one OmniJewel horizontal center channel speaker, our best-performing Acoustimass® wireless bass module, sleek control console and a universal RF remote control. It also comes with the cables required for a typical setup.

The Lifestyle® 600 system consists of four Jewel Cube® speakers, one Jewel Cube horizontal center channel speaker, our best-performing Acoustimass wireless bass module, sleek control console and a universal RF remote control. It also comes with the cables required for a typical setup.

What is OmniJewel speaker technology?
By aiming the two transducers inside each satellite at a “deflector,” the sound is dispersed in a 360-degree horizontal plane. And because the opening between the transducer and the deflector is so small, 360 degrees of sound is created in the vertical plane. It is the first omnidirectional satellite from Bose.

Do the OmniJewel speakers still offer a Direct/Reflecting® experience?
Yes. With their 360-degree output, they are the most spacious satellites we’ve ever made. We now can use more surfaces in the room to reflect sound, creating a more lifelike experience.

With the transducers fixed at precise angles, are there specific left and right speakers?
No. The satellite speakers are placement-foolproof, and all 4 satellite speakers per system are identical. The OmniJewel speaker transducers are placed facing each other to project sound in 360 degrees. The top and bottom transducers in the Jewel Cube speakers are placed at identical opposing angles.

What is the ADAPTiQ audio calibration system?
The ADAPTiQ audio calibration system is a proprietary Bose technology that customizes the sound to the unique size, shape and furnishings of the room it’s in to ensure the system delivers a high-quality performance.

What is the Unify intelligent integration system?
The Unify intelligent integration system is a Bose technology that eliminates the stress and confusion of setting up a Lifestyle® system. It also configures the Bose universal remote to control almost all entertainment devices. The result is a system that is customized for the consumer, yet is as easy to use as if it were fully integrated.

Do Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems support high-definition audio found on Blu-ray Disc™ media?
Yes. Both systems support Dolby TrueHD.

Can Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems upscale video?

Are Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems compatible with 4K video?
Yes. Both systems support 4K resolution at 4096/60p with 12 bit.

Are Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems compatible with HDCP 2.2?

Which audio formats do the Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems support?
Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems support Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS and Multichannel PCM. Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems sold in Japan also will decode AAC signals.

Are Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems 7.1-ready?

Is it possible to adjust bass and treble?
Yes. The bass, treble, center and surround levels can be adjusted through the Bose universal remote control.

With HDMI CEC, will infrared control be available?
Yes. The infrared sensor and emitter are located on the front left of the console.

What happens if the console is hidden and the TV has no CEC?
The customer will need to use the IR repeater (included in the box) and place it in the room to control any non-CEC device.

Is it possible to adjust the audio delay with ARC?
There is an A/V sync delay that applies only to the audio. This is available in all sources, including ARC. When set to zero, it will not add additional delay beyond the time needed for audio signal processing.

What is the range of the wireless link between the console and the Acoustimass® module?
About 3 m.

Can the Acoustimass module be wired?
Yes. The Acoustimass module can be wired to the console with a 3.5 mm shielded audio cable.

What placement guidelines should be considered to ensure optimal audio performance of the Acoustimass module?
For best sound quality, the Acoustimass module should be placed on the floor against the same wall as the television and center channel, with an electrical outlet nearby for the power cord. The module should not be placed on a shelf or table.

Do the Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems have Bluetooth® and NFC built-in?
Yes. The NFC chip is built into the control console near the Bose logo on top of the console.

How do I pair a Bluetooth device with the Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems using NFC?
Select the Bluetooth source on the remote (or via the app). Ensure your mobile device has NFC turned on. Gently tap the device near the Bose logo on the top of the control console, and your device will automatically pair.

How do I pair a Bluetooth device with the Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems without using NFC?
Press and hold the Bluetooth source button on the remote for several seconds until the light begins to flash. Ensure your mobile device is in pairing mode and select your Lifestyle® system. You also can pair your mobile device to your Lifestyle® system using the SoundTouch® app. In the app, find your Lifestyle® system in the device tray, select “explore,” and then select Bluetooth®. On your mobile device, select the Lifestyle® system.

Do the speakers need to be hard-wired to the Lifestyle® control console?
The front left and right satellite speakers and the center speaker need to be hard-wired to the console. The rear speakers connect wirelessly using the wireless connectors. The connectors have a range of about 10 m (about 32 ft). They can connect via three radio bands: 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz and 5.2GHz as is regionally applicable.

How many input/output terminals are found on the Lifestyle® control console?
Rear panel of the console:
1 HDMI™ output with Audio Return Channel (ARC)
5 HDMI inputs
2 optical digital audio connections
2 coaxial digital audio connections
2 analogue L/R audio inputs
1 3.5 mm connection for the Acoustimass® module
1 data port
1 IR repeater port
1 Ethernet port for SoundTouch® and software updates via a network
1 USB connection for software updates only

Front of the console:
1 HDMI input
1 3.5 mm jack for ADAPTiQ® system and headphones
1 power button
1 source button
1 setup button the customer will press to connect Acoustimass® module and rear speakers

How often will the remote control codes be updated?
Remote control codes are added to the online database as they become available. This helps insure the most recent codes are available as soon as possible.

What kind of batteries does the remote control use?
The remote uses 4 alkaline AA batteries.

How do I update the software and remote control codes on a Lifestyle® system when it’s connected to a network?
Once a Lifestyle® system is connected to a network, the process for updating it is straightforward. You will receive a notification that a software update is available. Once selected, the update will happen automatically over the network.

How do I update the software and remote control codes on a Lifestyle® system when there is no network connection?
From the setup menu, select “Update Software.” You will then be directed to insert the Bose supplied USB key into the front USB jack. The system then writes its configuration information onto the key and, when done, instructs you to insert the key into an Internet-connected computer. When the key is inserted into the computer, a new window will open on the desktop with an icon that instructs you to double-click it to launch the update. When the icon is launched, the computer goes to a Bose maintained server. At this point, the existing configuration information that was written on the key by the control console is compared against the latest available information. If new information is available, it is downloaded and written to the key. When writing to the key has been completed, the computer will instruct you to remove the USB key and reinsert it into the front of the control console. When reinserted, the console checks the information on the key and, if newer information exists, updates the console. When it’s complete, you will be instructed to remove the key.

What accessories are compatible with the Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems?
For both systems, accessories are sold separately. All are sold in pairs except for the center channel bracket and the wiring kit. All accessories except the in-wall wiring kit are available in Black or White.

For the Lifestyle® 650 system:
Bose® OmniJewel™ wall bracket
Bose® OmniJewel™ floor stand with matching real glass base
Bose® OmniJewel™ ceiling bracket
Bose® OmniJewel™ table stand with matching real glass base
Bose® OmniJewel™ center channel wall bracket
Bose® OmniJewel™ in-wall wiring kit
Bose® OmniJewel™ center channel wire adapter

For Lifestyle® 600 system:
Bose® SlideConnect™ WB-50 wall bracket
UFS-20 Series II universal floor stands
UTS-20 Series II table stand
UB-20 Series II wall/ceiling bracket

Are cables and connectors included with the Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems?
Yes. Connections and setup are designed to be very user-friendly. Each speaker cable has a clearly marked, colored connector for fast, easy connection. Furthermore, various adapters and cables are available to accommodate specific installation requirements.
What colors do the systems come in?
Both the Lifestyle® 650 and the Lifestyle® 600 system will be available in Black or White.

How do I access SoundTouch® music with the native RF remote?
You access SoundTouch® music by selecting the “SoundTouch” button or selecting it from the source menu—similar to how you access other entertainment sources. From there, you can select one of your presets or browse the Recents list. The 1 through 6 buttons on the RF remote also will play a preset once the system is turned on and the SoundTouch® source is selected.

Can the SoundTouch® app control the Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems?
The SoundTouch® app will allow you to turn on or switch to the SoundTouch® source and then control volume. It will not control any of the other Lifestyle® functions or control any attached sources. And when a source other than SoundTouch® is selected, it will control volume for those sources, but no device-specific functions.

Can I stream video from the Internet, like Netflix, to the Lifestyle® 650 and 600 systems using SoundTouch®?
No. SoundTouch® is designed to stream audio/music formats only. It does not stream Internet-video sources or videos stored on a computer. For this, you would need to use a streaming device such as Apple TV or Roku.

Is it possible to rebroadcast the TV sound to another SoundTouch® system?
Yes, as long as you are running SoundTouch Software version 17.x or later. To rebroadcast TV sound, or sound from any of your console’s other wired input sources, first start playing the desired content on your system as you normally would, using the remote. Then, go to the SoundTouch app, find your system, and add the desired secondary systems.

When rebroadcasting TV sound, why do secondary rooms play behind my system?
Unfortunately due to system limitations, it is not possible to keep the audio from your system in sync with the video on your TV and in sync with other rooms at the same time. By default, audio stays synced to your TV’s video, resulting in a delay for secondary rooms. You can change this behavior in the your product’s Settings menu in the SoundTouch app; the setting is labeled “Video Sync” under Group Settings.

What can I see on the remote screen and TV screen when using SoundTouch on the Lifestyle system?
On the remote’s screen, you see the service name you are listening to as well as the title of what’s playing. On the TV screen, you see the list of Presets or Recents list, the source name you are listening to, album art, the artist and title of what’s playing and what mode SoundTouch® is in (repeat, shuffle, play, pause).

Where can I find more information about SoundTouch®?
Please visit