Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 Stereo Amplifier

The Topaz AM10 has outstanding balance and control for an amplifier in this class thanks to serious hi-fi credentials - and it's powerful, with an impressive 35 watts per channel. Its very much about the quality of the power that you look for in stereo systems, that is what you should base your purchase on, use your ears to choose.

As well as impressive power, the AM10 follows our “Sound First" design principles. We've maximised audio quality and minimised cost and clutter. In the AM10 that means we use toroidal transformers, usually only seen in high-end separates, to more accurately channel that extra power. And we've used an all metal case to minimise vibration and maximise music purity.
We’re advocates of premium components so rather than reserving them just for our top of the line equipment we like to use them wherever we can. The extra power reserves a toroidal transformer delivers means not only a far better bass response, but also a deeper, richer reproduction of music across the board. 


  • Power output 35 watts (into 8 Ohms)
  • Frequency response(-3dB) 5Hz - 50kHz
  • THD (unweighted)<0.01% @ 1kHz, 80% of rated power
    < 0.15% 20Hz - 20kHx, 80% of rated power
  • Max power consumption 260 Watts
  • Input Impedance 47k Ohms
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)76 x 76 x 340mm
  • Weight5.6kg (12.3lbs)