Bose 301 Bookshelf Speaker


The Bose 301 is a truly iconic model, there have been many variations over the years and still today offers great value for money. Easy to place with a wide dispersion that will easily fill most lounge rooms when connected to a good amplifier.

In a live performance, music reaches your ears, and your emotions, through a blend of direct and reflected sound. Direct/Reflecting speaker technology recreates this combination to deliver spacious sound similar to what you'd experience in a concert hall. Nothing better then hearing like you are there live. 

Proprietary technologies built into these bookshelf speakers let you enjoy balanced stereo sound almost anywhere in the room, not just in one “sweet spot”. Sit anywhere, anytime and enjoy your music, no fuss, no worries.


Each speaker:24.8 cm H x 36.2 cm W x 24.8 cm D (5.7 kg)

Pair in carton:45.5 cm H x 61.3 cm W x 33.6 cm D (13 kg)

In the box

2 Speakers

Self-adhesive rubber feet

Other items you may need

Speaker wire (For help choosing the appropriate gauge, see the owner's manual.)


Type: Bookshelf Speakers