AudioQuest - Nighthawk Semi Open Headphones

Not often is a first attempt at designing and building headphones so spectacular. AudioQuest have done extensive homework and the result is spectacular.

The AudioQuest NightHawks are such a creation.

  • NightHawk's ear cups are made from Liquid Wood, a 100% natural, groundbreaking bio-polymer that is sustainable and uniquely beautiful.
  • The complex diamond cubic lattice of NightHawk's 3D-printed, sound-defusing grilles were inspired by micro-structures on the surface of butterfly wings.
  • Made from premium materials with minimal use of plastics, NightHawk headphones are surprisingly lightweight.
  • Unlike typical high-end headphones, NightHawk's driver diaphragm is build like that o fa loudspeaker and uses a distinctive bio-cellulose membrane free of artificial high frequency coloration common to nearly all headphones.
  • NightHawk's 50mm bio-cellulose drivers are angled to provide more natural sound-staging and to avoid fatigue inducing contact with the listener's ear.
  • Multiple ergonomic features such as ear shaped cups, their patent-pending floating suspension system, and a flexible weight distributing headed mean that NightHawk can be enjoyed without fatigue for hours on end.
  • NightHawk is designed to stimulate a uniquely compelling and seriously immersive listening experience with all genres of music.
  • NightHawk comes with two cables. One high-performance cable and one made to withstand the abuse of daily use.
  • NightHawk's packaging is its carrying case. In every aspect of its design, NightHawk minimises waste and excess, while maximising performance and value.