Dream and Reach

The story of Dr Amar Bose is a fascinating one, a man driven by fascination of electronics, taking things apart, figuring out how they worked and dreaming of one day inventing his own.

Dr Bose once quoted Albert Schweitzer:

"What is bad is not that man lives and dies but what dies within man while he lives"

Dr Bose added:

"And perhaps the most important thing that dies within man while he lives is his imagination. The thing that keeps you going and keeps you creative is to never loose your imagination. Always dream of things that are better and think about ways to reach those things."

From the worlds best selling Noise Cancelling Headphones, portable wireless bluetooth speakers to class leading home entertainment lifestyle systems. Always developing always creating always inventive.
Sydney Hi Fi Mona Vale has had a history of selling the Bose brand for over 20 years and recently was awarded as a Premium Bose Authorised Dealer. This award meant that Bose recognized our commitment to the brand and customers can enjoy buying the full range of products from our store.

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