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Sydney's Audio Receiver Expert

Pro-Ject - Bluetooth Box E - Hi-Fi AptX Audio Receiver

Original Price $159.00
Current Price $95.00

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AptX Bluetooth Audio Receiver 

Smartphones and tablet computers offer the possibility to stream music wirelessly with Bluetooth. 

The Bluetooth Box E is a cost-effective solution to use this feature in your own hi-fi system. Not only are the standard SBC codecs supported, but also CD-quality aptX Bluetooth format can be received.

Give your system Bluetooth connectivity 

Whatever speaker you have, you can now give it wireless Bluetooth connectivity. A connection to your amplifier or powered speakers is made via either an Optical or RCA cable from the Bluetooth Box E. 

Wireless pairing of your mobile device with the Pro-Ject Bluetooth Box E is fast and playback works reliably. Like all Bluetooth speakers, you will need to keep your device within a distance up to 10m with direct visibility.

8x different smartphones and tablets are memorised with the Bluetooth Box E for fast connection.